Tree Species

November 29th, 2023
Tree Species

At Marldon Christmas Trees, our legacy spans over 30 years of cultivating award-winning different Christmas trees species. We’ve evolved year by year, dedicated to delivering enchanting holiday experiences to you and your loved ones. Our commitment to excellence has forged a reputation for providing nothing less than the most exquisite Christmas tree species, accompanied by a season-long guarantee to ensure your celebration is consistently magical. Trust us, your go-to Christmas tree farm, to make your Christmas season truly exceptional.

We offer Pre-Cut, Choose-you-own trees as well as potted Christmas trees and baby Christmas trees.

Nordman Fir Christmas Tree

Nordman Fir Tree

The Nordmann Fir is the king of the trees, its needles will stay attached throughout the Christmas season

Needle Retention Excellence

Elevate your Christmas experience with the Nordman Fir Christmas tree, celebrated for its exceptional needle retention, ensuring a pristine and low-maintenance holiday centrepiece.

Soft and Inviting Foliage

Delight in a family-friendly holiday tradition with the Nordman Fir’s soft and glossy needles, providing an inviting touch that enhances the visual appeal of your Christmas tree.

Robust Branch Support

Adorn your tree with Christmas flair as the Nordman Fir’s robust branches offer reliable support for a diverse range of ornaments, lights, and decorative accents, creating a personalized and picturesque display.

Vibrant Green Elegance

Revel in the classic and timeless aesthetic of the Nordman Fir, boasting a vibrant and rich green colour that serves as an elegant backdrop for your holiday decorations.

Symmetrical and Timeless Form

Choose the Nordman Fir for its naturally symmetrical and well-balanced conical shape, providing a traditional and elegant Christmas tree silhouette that enhances the overall Christmas ambiance.

Fraser Fir Christmas Tree

Frazer Tree

A lovely scented tree of compact growth, slimmer than a Nordmann, with good needle-retaining qualities.

Distinctive Needle Softness:

Elevate your holiday decor with the Fraser Fir Christmas tree, celebrated for its soft and plush needles, providing a luxurious touch and enhancing the overall Christmas experience.

Long-Lasting Freshness

Experience the enduring freshness of the Fraser Fir, known for its excellent needle retention, ensuring a visually appealing and low-maintenance Christmas tree throughout the holiday season.

Aromatic Christmas Ambiance

Immerse your home in the delightful fragrance of the Fraser Fir, creating a truly Christmas atmosphere that enhances the spirit of the season and adds an extra layer of holiday joy.

Symmetrical and Elegant Form:

Choose the Fraser Fir for its naturally symmetrical and well-balanced conical shape, offering a classic and elegant silhouette that serves as the perfect centerpiece for your holiday celebrations.

Versatile Ornament Showcase:

Deck the halls with ease as the Fraser Fir’s sturdy branches provide reliable support for a variety of ornaments, lights, and decorations, allowing you to create a personalized and visually stunning Christmas tree display.

Blue Spruce Christmas Tree

Blue Spruce Tree

A bushy tree with dense, strong branches that are great for hanging decorations on. It’s also got a great smell to it too! An ideal small or second tree.

Distinctive Blue-Green Brilliance

Illuminate your Christmas celebrations with the Blue Spruce Christmas tree, renowned for its unique and striking blue-green needles that add a touch of brilliance to your holiday décor.

Lasting Evergreen Charm

Revel in the enduring beauty of the Blue Spruce, as its needles retain their vibrant colour throughout the season, ensuring a captivating and picture-perfect Christmas tree.

Sturdy Ornament Piece

Transform your tree into a dazzling spectacle with the Blue Spruce’s sturdy branches, offering reliable support for an array of ornaments, lights, and Christmas decorations.

Drought-Resistant Resilience

Experience peace of mind with the Blue Spruce’s resilience to drought conditions, making it a low-maintenance and water-efficient choice for a vibrant and sustainable holiday centerpiece.

Eye-Catching Focal Point

Make a statement with the Blue Spruce’s distinctive appearance, creating an eye-catching focal point that adds a touch of sophistication and natural elegance to your Christmas celebrations.

Norway Spruce Christmas Tree

Norway Spruce Tree

Is one of the traditional Christmas trees, it has stiff, small dark green needles and is often associated with that beautiful Christmas tree fragrance.

Timeless Christmas Charm

Elevate your holiday traditions with the Norway Spruce Christmas tree, boasting timeless charm and a classic evergreen appearance that embodies the spirit of the season.

Fragrant Holiday Atmosphere

Infuse your home with the delightful scent of the Norway Spruce, creating a Christmas atmosphere that enhances the joy and warmth of the holiday season.

Excellent Needle Retention

Experience a stress-free holiday season with the Norway Spruce’s outstanding needle retention, ensuring a tidy and beautiful tree from setup to takedown.

Sturdy Ornament Showcase

Deck the halls with ease as the Norway Spruce’s robust branches provide a stable and picturesque platform for showcasing a variety of ornaments, lights, and decorations.

Traditional Christmas Tree Shape

Embrace the iconic silhouette of the Norway Spruce, characterized by its naturally symmetrical and conical shape, offering a classic and elegant centerpiece for your Christmas celebrations.