Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Collection Of Your Tree

When collecting your tree, it is essential that you present your original tree tag along with the purchase receipt. Failure to produce these will result in the inability to collect your tree.

Regrettably, we cannot accept bank or credit card statements as proof or purchase, nor can we accept photographic images or copies in any form. Collection dates cannot be changed.

If you are not able to provide both the original till receipt and the coloured tag, we cannot release the tree to you. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.


We are unable to provide you with a time slot for delivery, and the delivery date cannot be changed as we work with a third party delivery service who operate on a first come basis. Under no circumstances will a driver be able to take your tree into any dwelling.

Christmas Trees

Our Christmas Trees like many other perishable goods including flowers are impossible to guarantee and their survival depends very much on the environment they are kept in, the care they are given and the individual tree themselves.
In the rare instance our tree dies before Christmas we will do everything in our power to resolve the issue and ensure you have a fresh tree before Christmas Day.

We provide a guarantee on our Nordmann, Fraser and Noble fir trees for 3 weeks after the date of purchase right up until Christmas Eve, providing that our care instructions have been followed.

Issues need to be raised on the day of delivery/collection or as soon as possible after becoming apparent. In every instance we will ask for a proof of purchase so please ensure you keep hold of receipt and your tree label (The short tag that came off of your tree).

Once a replacement tree has been agreed, we will need to have the old tree (the one to be replaced) back, so that we can investigate any issues with the tree. If you originally collected your tree, unfortunately we would be unable to collect your tree, but we would be able to offer delivery on the replacement at our standard delivery rates (based on your location) and collect the old tree as part of this service.

Please ensure that trees in need of replacement are not decorated when they are returned. Our staff will also be unable to step foot in any individual’s property and as such, will not be able to assist in the removal of any trees.


Our refund policy does not cover refunds on items that you simply choose you no longer want or need. However, we are more than happy to replace any items that you believe have been mis-sold or sold in a faulty state. We ask that you keep proof of purchase for return items and raise any issues immediately. We retain the right to refuse refunds on items we believe have been damaged outside of our shop premises.

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