Terms and Conditions

Our Christmas Trees like many other perishable goods including flowers are impossible to guarantee and their survival depends very much on the environment they are kept in, the care they are given and the individual tree themselves.

In the rare instance our tree dies before Christmas we will do everything in our power to resolve the issue and ensure you have a fresh tree before Christmas Day.

We guarantee all of our Nordmann Fir trees from the 24th of November right up until (and including) Christmas Eve, providing that our care instructions have been followed.
(Please note: We cannot offer a guarantee for Norway Spruce tree due to the natural lack of needle retention)

Issues need to be raised on the day of delivery/collection or as soon as possible after becoming apparent. In every instance we will ask for a proof of purchase so please ensure you keep hold of receipt and your tree label (The short tag that came off of your tree).

Please note that unless you can provide proof of purchase, we will be unable to honour our guarantee. Unless you have paid for the tree to be delivered, you will be required to bring the dying tree back to the farm and exchange your tree for a new tree on the same day.

If you choose to refuse our exchange policy for any reason, we will be not refund the cost of the tree.

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