Caring for your tree

How to look after your tree

To maintain the freshness of your tree, we recommend you follow these simple guidelines:

Keep it outside for as long as possible – it will be much happier in the cold and will benefit from a shower. When deciding on the best indoor location for your tree, ensure it is positioned well away from any direct heat source (radiators, open fires etc.)

For cut trees:

When you are ready to bring it indoors, first cut 2cm off the bottom of the trunk which will allow maximum uptake of water. Use a stand which holds plenty of water and top up on a regular basis.

For containerised trees:

If looked after properly, these trees may replant successfully into your garden. Keep them well-watered whilst they are indoors, and allow to harden off before planting out. Remember, the pots have holes in the base so don’t forget to use a dish underneath.

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