Your beautiful Christmas tree is natural and fully-recyclable. Real trees can be mulched for landscaping and gardening, or turned into woodchips for trails, paths and ground covering. Each year 93% of thirty-three million trees are recycled – this really is a renewable resource.

We take care of our trees, with traditional farming methods: from ground preparation and planting, through several years of weeding and trimming, right up to final selection and harvest. These are real living products, and we make sure they reach you in perfect condition.


nordmanNordmann Fir (Abies Nordmanniana)

An outstanding favourite nowadays because of its impressive glossy, rich green foliage and large soft family-friendly needles, great for young children and pets. Renowned for it’s superb needle-holding ability, the Nordmann Fir is ideally suited to indoor display. The proper gentle pruning regime generates an excellent full and regular shape, and growth can be regulated to generate perfect-length leaders.


norwayNorway Spruce (Picea Abies)

The traditional British Christmas tree! This is a strong and sturdy tree with an excellent shape. It has a broad spread, short light-green foliage and a classic pine fragrance. It doesn’t hold its needles quite as well as the more resilient Nordmann Fir, and its small sharp needles are prickly; not a family-friendly tree. However, its great ability to withstand cold and damp make it an excellent choice for outdoor display where its tendency to drop needles is less important than its outstanding classic shape.


omorikaOmorika or Serbian Spruce (Picea Omorika)

A very similar tree to the Norway Spruce, but the needles have a silver underside. It is a particularly graceful tree, with branches that slope down slightly to give a slimmer shape more suited to display in compact spaces.


blueBlue Spruce (Picea Pungens Glauca)

For those who like something a little different! Startling silver-blue to fresh green foliage and ridged branches give this tree a unique look. It is particularly popular as a pot-grown or potted display tree, but not noted as a family-friendly tree. Highly scented (hence the Pungens name), with sharp needles which are slightly longer than the Norway Spruce and retained a little better. This tree is very popular in Germany, where real candles are placed on the tree at Christmas.


frazerFraser Fir (Abies Fraseri)

A lovely scented tree of compact growth, slimmer than a Nordmann, with good needle-retaining qualities. This is the tree usually chosen as the White House Christmas tree. Soft dense needles, green with a silver underside. This is a fairly conical tree which looks particularly good in small to medium sizes, due to its excellent proportions. The leader is often quirky and slightly twisted.


rocky_firRocky Mountain Fir (Abies Lasiocarpa)

An amazing blue colour, this is lovely as a smaller tree, being narrower than the Nordmann Fir. Not usually sold in larger sizes above 6ft, as it is difficult to get a good shape.