Tree decorations and stands

Tree decorations and stands

522226_303076276469936_706365959_nDecorate your tree with light and colour. Make it sparkle with Christmas magic as a centre-piece of the festive season. Choose from our great range of baubles, tinsels, lights and a great deal more.

The decorations you will find at Marldon Christmas Tree Farm have been hand-picked to retain the spirit of our Log Cabin Christmas shop. Natural products and decorations, many of them hand-crafted and unlike any you will find in the supermarket or garden centre.


Tree stands

standsWe also have sturdy and practical Christmas tree stands in a range of sizes to suit any tree.

Our water-retaining stands are the perfect choice for keeping your tree securely upright, and in top condition, right through the festive season.

Block stands – sections sawn from real trees! – are a natural alternative when you want a completely “green” solution.

Ask our friendly staff for advice on selecting just the right stand for your tree.


Due to liability issues, we are unable to cut trees to fit smaller stands for you. If you have any concerns about stands, please send us an email at and we’ll advise you on how to choose a stand, or how to trim your tree to a suitable size..

When buying/ordering your tree, please ensure that your tree is a suitable size for your stand, or order a suitably sized stand from us here at Marldon. If your tree is too large for your stand, be prepared to trim the trunk of your tree yourself until it fits, as we are unable to do this for you.